Today electricity from sunlight is one of the cleanest and now also one of the most cost-effective forms of energy to be produced. In recent years, prices for PV systems have fallen considerably, so that modern PV systems in ground based are as cheap as or sometimes even cheaper than the power that can be produced with onshore wind energy plants.

Since PV systems have the lowest maintenance costs of all forms of energy generation, we think that the electricity from a depreciated / paid off PV system can be produced a lot cheaper than in a depreciated wind turbine or in a conventional coal-fired power plant.

And the "cost of fuel" for a PV system as well as for a wind turbine remains exactly zero whereas the prices for coal, oil or gas continue to rise.

The design, construction and management of large PV power plants in Europe is our business. For more than 10 years and with hundreds of realized MWp we have done nothing else!

No matter whether the installation is on a roof or on ground, wherever the sun is shining, this cost-effective and very clean energy can be obtained and used around the world.

And that is true not only at noon. A (completely) modified generation of the PV power can be obtained during the course of the day by a different orientation of the PV modules (such as to the east and/or west).

Our competent team of employees shows many years of experience, combined with openness to new ideas and concepts.

We look forward to working for you.

Our references and the many satisfied and enthusiastic customers prove that we have understood our engineering craft and worked with our heart and soul for a number of years.

With sunny regards from Ulm,
Manfred Bächler

Clean and low-cost  Energy from Photo-Voltaic Power Plants.

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